Monday, March 24, 2014

Brackets and Breakfast Burritos

Dear Fam and Friends,

It sounds like everything at home is going well. Tell Amanda to check her email and that I say happy birthday!! Sounds like she had a fun  one. That is the hardest for me to believe though.... She can't be 17 years old yet.... Dang time flies.
I am titling this week, Brackets and Breakfast burritos. Because that is what we did this week. Elder Schneider and I had some friends send us March Madness brackets, and even though we can't watch the games, we filled them out just for fun. Then one morning we decided we wanted to make breakfast burritos. And they turned out soooo amazing... It was definitely a good choice. I'm learning to cook more. Little by little.

But not really a lot else happened this week. We are visiting some awesome investigators. We have one family, the Familia Zambrano, and we've been working really hard to help them get baptized. And if everything goes well they (mom, dad, and 2 kids) should be getting baptized this weekend with some other investigators. We can always use your prayers for these people.
So yeah, everything normal and todo bien here. Just working hard until the end. And I'm really enjoying being with Elder Schneider. I love you all a ton!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Joshua Lee

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