Monday, March 3, 2014

Carnaval and an Answer to Prayers

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow sounds like a pretty eventful week. It sounds like an awesome experience at the Temple Cultural Celebration.
Here things are pretty much the same. Not a lot has changed. I am still doing well and enjoying life. 

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are a holiday here in Ecuador. Its called Carnaval. Its something they do in a lot of South American countries. But its pretty much a three day holiday where people use it as an excuse to throw water on other people. And more than that. People go around throwing water with foam and coloring and even eggs and flower. It can get pretty messy. So some people got my companion and I soaked and with coloring on the white shirt and face. I sent a picture. You might not be able to see that well though. But we spent all day yesterday wet. Luckily today we had to come to Quito and its cold here so they don't get each other wet as much.

And I saw an answer to my prayers this week. These last couple weeks I have been praying to find a family that was married and ready to listen to our message, and this last week the Lord answered my prayers  Two Sundays ago when they had elections here in Ecuador we only went to one hour of church and it was at 8:00 am instead of 10:00 am.  So we left at 9:00 to go visit some people. Well after we had left a family had shown up to church because they had desires to see what it was like. But when they got there almost everyone had left, except for our Elder's Quorum President.  So he talked with the family and got their direction and phone number and set up an appointment for us on the following Tuesday.  

That Tuesday we went to visit this family, the Familia Zambrano and we had a great lesson.  they said that the Lord had touched their hearts and that they had a desire to go to Church and learn more about it.  So we were able to teach them a few times during the week and they came to church again on Sunday. I really could see that the Lord answers prayers.  An awesome experience.

So life is good here in Ecuador.  I am also sending a picture with a giant plate of food.  You could say I'm a happy guy here.

Love you all so much,


Elder Joshua Lee

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